Decorate Your Yard With Beautiful Plants

Pick us for xeriscaping services in Fairhope, Foley & Daphne, AL

Do you love the idea of having a garden but don't want the commitment? Get low-maintenance plants for your property with xeriscaping services. Jake Simpkins, LLC can help you create a plant design that complements your home or business in Fairhope, Foley & Daphne, AL.

Xeriscaping services are a great choice because:

You'll only have plants that are native to the area
You won't have to spend time taking care of them
Your new plants won't need to be watered

Your plants will always look great, so you'll save tons of money on lawn care. Contact us today to start planning your plant layout.

Create a layout that works with your property

You can count on us to install almost any type of plant. Whether you want a flower bed or a palm tree, we can handle it. To keep your plants in great shape, we offer trimming and other maintenance services. When you choose us for plant design services, we'll make sure we fully understand your expectations.

Call us today at (251) 654-3728 if you have any questions about our services.